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Brassy Bees

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Honey Bee Rescue

Swarm Removal


Swarming is a natural behavior of honey bees as they increase and multiply. They will bunch up on a tree, fence, mailbox, whatever they find for a day or two while scouts look for that perfect home - possibly your house!

Don't Spray Bees!

Don't spray honeybees

If you discover honeybees have invaded your property, your first reaction may be to spray them with poison in a can. Please don't do that. We will rescue them (and YOU) alive! Call us ASAP at 865-235-1323.

Cut outs


If bees setup residence inside your building, home or shed, it may be necessary to open the structure so we can get them out. This is called a Cut Out. Once the bees are removed, we will repair all damages and relocate the bees. Ask for an estimate today.